In conjunction with local funeral homes, I am able to provide burial services for your loved ones. As part of the preparation, I meet with families as they begin the grieving process and begin putting together the eulogy and details for the burial. I explain the rituals of Jewish burial, the tearing of the ribbon or garment, and mourning, as the family comes together often times from near and far. Whether a chapel service or graveside interment service, I provide the utmost care and compassion to support the family during this most difficult and trying time.


After a specific amount of time, usually eleven months or one year after burial, a monument or “matzevah” in Hebrew, is erected at the grave. This brief ceremony, also known as an unveiling, brings the family and friends together once again to recall the precious moments shared and place a lasting marker as a headstone. This tradition of placing a stone to mark the grave is mentioned in the Torah;

“Rachel died and was buried on the road to Efrat, in Bethlehem. On her grave Jacob erected a monument, which, to this very day, is known as Rachel’s monument” (Genesis xxxv:19-20).

We conclude the unveiling by placing small stones on the headstone as a lasting and immovable reminder of our presence there and as a reminder of our unending love for the departed.